Uses of Commercial Plywood – Plywood is known as the cheapest and the best substitute for wood for furniture, cabinets, and even industrial applications due to its durability, moisture-resistant properties and is readily available compared to wood.

A large amount of commercial plywood gets produced to prepare furniture annually in India. Most of the wooden decoration you see in houses in different parts of your area is not wood but plywood. Contractors use this material because it is not expensive compared to solid woods, despite both giving the same finish.

Before diving into the uses of commercial plywood, let us try to understand what commercial plywood is? Let’s get started!

What is Commercial Plywood

In simple language, a commercial ply is primary or standard plywood. It is also known as MR-grade plywood. MR stands for Moisture Resistant. 

But do not confuse MR with waterproof. Moisture resistance means the plywood can stand a small amount of water, humidity and moisture.

The commercial plywood can be accessible in any hardware store nearby when you ask for plywood. It is a grade of plywood that is cheap because it is manufactured out of slices of wood or veneers called ply, which gets glued together under high pressure.


Manufacturing of MR Grade Plywood

We talked about how the plywood gets manufactured by gluing several veneers sheets together, made from logs of wood.

Hence, the veneer species varies with the geographical areas you live in, like Rubber plywood from South India. Similarly, you can get veneers from Eucalyptus from North, East or West of India.


Alternative Commercial Plywood

We live in a world of diversification, and commercial plywood gets generated from two different veneer species. And this is known as Alternative Commercial Plywood. The two species of veneers: Popular and Eucalyptus, get used to making plywood.

Alternate / Alternative Commercial Plywood is quite popular these days. If you try to compare commercial plywood and alternate commercial plywood, you won’t be able to see much of that difference appearance-wise. 

But Alternate Commercial Plywood is marked as high-quality grade plywood and is a cost-effective product that a middle-class person can easily buy. 

On the other hand, you have Commercial Plywood made from Gurjan tree species which is also very famous and a good quality product. But Gurjan plywood is relatively more expensive than Alternate Commercial Plywood.


Uses of Commercial Plywood

Following are the various uses of Commercial Plywood :

1 Commercial plywood is ideal if you are tight on your budget but want the best interior design outputs.

2. Commercial plywood is quite famous for its flexibility and wear and tear resistance.

3. The primary application of commercial plywood includes furniture, hanging lights and bookshelves.

4. Due to the vast scope it provides, you can use commercial plywood for home decorations.

5. Commercial Plywood is highly cost-effective and does not compromise the quality it uses in different applications.

6. It helps interior designers to achieve excellent, creative and unique structures and convert them into artistic ideas or imagination into reality due to the commercial plywood’s high strength and durability.

7. Commercial plywood is the best substitute for conventional elements in interior design like cement, synthetic paints, tiles, metals, etc.

8. The cuts give the alluring design with the help of commercial plywood.

9. Interior designing is incomplete without predominately using commercial plywood.



In the end, we can say that commercial plywood has high internal strength, which is one reason it has taken over the domestic market. Furthermore, MR plywood, among all grades of plywood, is easier to wrap and fold for interior designs; this quality makes it durable and robust.

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