Nowadays, various type of wood for furniture are available in the market. Each type comes with different characteristics like colour, design, density, grain, and finishing. Picking the best wood for furniture is an essential aspect, as it helps you determine the exact price per unit. Also, it is the main factor when you want to resale, restore or throw out any piece of furniture.

Though you can use any wood to make furniture, not all woods are the same, and that is why you need to be careful when choosing an item of good wood furniture.

Today in this article, we will try to understand the properties of the types of wood, so let’s get into that.

Different Type of Wood For Furniture

Hardness is one of the simple ways to find out a piece of good wood furniture. And please remember, hardness is not necessarily problematic and denser than softwood. Let’s try to understand in more depth.

– Hardwood 

Hardwood derives from angiosperms like maple, oak, and walnut. These trees shed their leaves on an annual basis, and as they grow slowly, hardwood contains denser wood fibres. 

One more interesting fact about hardwood is that few of them cannot float in water. For example, Black ironwood is the hardest and the heavies wood that can dawn in the water.

Features of Hardwood 

  • Hardwood grows slowly and is a little bit more expensive than softwood. Though, there are a few exceptions, like gum.
  • It is durable, comes with close grain and needs low maintenance.
  • Hardwood has low sap content but is highly fire-resistant; it is commonly used for wooden flooring.
  • Hardwood is also suitable for making furniture.

– Softwood

Softwood derives from gymnosperms, seed-bearing evergreen trees like pine, cedar, redwood and yew. These trees grow tall and straight, making it easier to cut long straight planks of wood.

Features of Softwood

  • Softwood is also known as non-porous wood due to the lack of vessels.
  • The lack of vessels allows softwood to absorb quickly and easily, resulting in a better finish.
  • Softwood has higher sap content, comes with loose grain, and has lighter colour. But it is not fireproof.
  • Its delicate and lightweight structure makes it the best wood for furniture.

Moving on, let’s discuss the various kinds of hardwoods and softwoods.

Types of Hardwoods

  1. Assam Hollock – Assam Hollock is one of the finest hardwoods from Assam used for making doors, door frames and window shutters. It is durable and comes with a suitable woodworking finish that can be painted and polished easily.
  2. Teak – Teaks are one of the best hardwood trees native to India. It is the hardest and most durable of all the natural woods and is resistant to sunlight, rain, snow and rotting, making it suitable for outdoor constructions and furniture. Though, it is expensive.
  3. Jammu Kail – Jammu Kail is a wood commonly found in the Himalayas of India. Its colour becomes dark brown when it is soft and reddish-brown when it is hard. Jammu Kail has an oily smell and is best for interior work.

Types of Softwoods 

  1. Pine – Pine is a perfect choice for furniture. It is robust, durable and shock-resistant suitable for your furniture, especially if you like the rustic or country style.
  2. Red Cedar – The red cedar wood, also known as aromatic red cedar, is resistant to decay and insect attack and provides good finishing. Though it only has moderate screw and nail holding features, best for outdoor furniture.
  3. Hemlock – Hemlock has an excellent strength to weight ratio. It can turn and shape according to your needs, commonly used for cabinets, boxes and pallets.



In conclusion, we can say that if you are a wooden enthusiast or just looking for wooden furniture, it is essential to know the Type of Wood for Furniture in India. Above mentioned features and related aspects of woods can help you make a more informed decision.

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