Type of Plywood – Take a moment and think about an essential part of your home interior designing project. Is it the way your furniture looks, the type of paint you use, or the type of woodwork? Though all of them have significant roles in the appearance and quality of your home space, the types of plywood you use matter the most. After all, those lavish TV cabinets, that elegant modular kitchen, crafted sofa, bed, and wardrobe all are made up of plywood.

But the main question that arises is, do you understand the types of plywood? And are you aware of what type of plywood would be the best choice for what purpose? Don’t worry, you will get all your answers in this article today.

Type of Plywood 

Following are the types of plywood according to the wood used. These types of plywood will be the best ply for home furniture :

  1. Hardwood – this type of plywood is made from hardwood and often marked as 100% hardwood and a little expensive. So, if you are looking for something pure and don’t care about money, you should go for this kind of plywood for your home interior. It is characterised by natural reddish tinged wood.
  2. Softwood – If you want to choose a cheaper option than hardwood, choose softwood. It comes from mango wood, and you can identify the softwood ply from its slightly yellowish colour.
  3. Poplar Ply – Poplar Ply is the right choice if you are looking for an option between hardwood and softwood. This type of ply is moisture-resistant, flexible and durable, and best fits humid areas.

Best plyboards for home furniture  

You can choose other types of boards instead of natural plywood. Following are the best plyboards you can choose for your home furniture :

  • Commercial Plyboard – This type of plywood is known as standard plywood and is also called MR grade. This combines hardwood and softwood and is primarily used in TV units, wardrobes, cabinets, etc.
  • BWR Plyboard – Boiling Water Resistance (BWR) is a type of hardwood ply due to its durable nature and is waterproof plywood. This is the best choice for the bathrooms and kitchen where you know you cannot control water.
  • Shuttering Plyboard – Shuttering plyboard is used for cement formwork during construction. It is durable and sturdy to ensure it supports the weight of poured concrete.

Where to buy the Best plywood for Home Interior?

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