Give your furniture a new life and a fresh look with the best wood paint. If you’ve painted a chair, table or any piece of furniture, you must have seen all the different types of paint. 

Most of these paints are from different brands, but they usually fall into the five categories of paint that can be used on your furniture. 

The type of paint to use is the most significant decision to make. There are oil, latex, and acrylic paint options for furniture and special paint like chalky and milk. Each of these paints has unique advantages; some are better for one type of project than another.

Today, in this article, we will discuss the types of paint for wood furniture and which option is suitable for a few projects over another.

5 Types of Paint for Wood Furniture

Here are the five types of paint for your wood furniture :

1. Oil Paint

Oil paint is one of the exceptionally durable paint for wood furniture. Though, it is slightly expensive and takes more time to dry. And oil paint needs more ventilation as it has a high VOC level.

But it is a highly resilient paint that doesn’t catch scratches easily. It will give your furniture a clean and perfect look using a bristle brush and mineral spirits and adheres well on different surfaces. Oil paint provides a durable finish and is a preferred choice.

2. Acrylic Paint

It is another water-based choice where the particles of colours are dangled in an acrylic powder. Acrylic paint gives a smooth finish, and rich colour can be applied on various surfaces and is a good option for small DIY furniture paint projects like tables and picture frames.

For better adherence, you can use a wood primer on the surface before applying it. Oil paint can dry very quickly, so you can have multiple coats in a short period. Also, it can be cleaned using soap and water and is more resistant to cracking and chipping.

3. Milk Paint

If you want a slightly thinner texture and a natural look for your furniture, go for milk paint. It is a non-toxic paint made using activator-based milk protein like lime. And the paint tint can be changed by adding colour pigments to it.It is an eco-friendly paint option which has no added fumes or chemicals.

Also, you can apply it to different surfaces, but the finish may vary and be inconsistent. For consistency, it is suggested to use a bonder with this paint.

Milk paint is available in a powder form to which water is added to form colour. The rest can be saved for touchups. It is a perfect choice for furniture which looks antiqued, pale or dull.

4. Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a great option when you plan to paint your furniture to add some elegance and style. With latex as its main base, it is a water-based paint with a thicker texture.

Chalk paint provides a silky smooth finish to your furniture as it adheres well and dries quickly. As a result, you might need to give a few strokes before the final one. You can also create a vintage look to your furniture as this paint can be distressed.

5. Latex Paint

It is one of the most popular paint options available in the market. You can get latex paint from a local store as they store a wide range of colours under different finishes and brands.

Choosing a low, non-volatile organic paint for wood furniture is advisable as it gives a soft finish, dries fast, and looks elegant. Latex paint is available in different finishes like flat, satin,semi-gloss, and high gloss.

  • Flat: This paint gives a matt, velvety finish to the furniture.
  • Satin: it comes with a washable formula and reflects a minimal amount of light.
  • Semi-Gloss: It is one of the best paint options for wood furniture, as it stands up to the washing and reflects light well. This is durable and stands for a long time.
  • High-Gloss: this latex paint option is ideal if you want a durable and dramatic touch. It reflects a lot of light and withstands cleaning and heavy usage.


In the end, we can say that apart from choosing the best type of paint for wood furniture, it is essential to choose the right kind of application method.
You can choose natural bristle brushes, rollers, and sponges depending on the type of project you are working on.

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