Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood – Mother Nature is a big part of human lives. And trees are one of the most beautiful gifts given by nature itself. 

They are a vital part of our survival, provide oxygen, absorb harmful gases, and are a good energy source.

When we look at the old times, people used trees for their wood. And two of the most popular sources of wood are Sheesham Wood and Teak Wood. The main questions that arise are, what are they? Are they the same? 

Today, in this article, we will discuss all the related aspects of Sheesham vs Teak wood: meaning and significant differences, which can help you get the proper knowledge about them.

Let’s dive deep!

What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood is popularly known as Indian rosewood, sourced from Dalbergia sissoo species of trees.
It comes in two types, sheesham heartwood and sheesham sapwood. It grows around 30 metres in height and takes 22 years to mature.

There is always a need to coat its stem with oil to ensure that it is not harmed or damaged by water and can be used in the field of timber, living room furniture and fuel in places where there is no electricity.

What is Teak Wood?  

Teak wood is sourced from Tectona grandis species and is an excellent material. The tree grows around 30 metres in height and takes 50 years before it can be used if you want premium quality wood.

Teak wood has a smooth texture with a fine grain. It is yellow-brownish in colour and used to make furniture, doors, window frames, beams, and veneer. Because of its durability, it is also used for making boats.

These trees can be found in cities like Maharasthra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.


Major Differences Between Sheesham Wood and Teak Wood

Let us compare – sheesham wood vs teak wood with a few important parameters that you can keep in mind while choosing :


The major difference between sheesham and teak wood is their texture. Sheesham has a chestnut colour and comes with natural grain.
In contrast, teak wood is known for its smooth texture and yellow-brownish colour that changes into a silver-gray finish after some time.

Water and Termite Resistant

Compared to teak wood, sheesham has a high percentage of water. And sheesham has more flexibility than teak wood. It can be bent at a certain level without any visible stresses.
However, this property of sheesham can be harmful as it becomes water-prone.

The cost and maintenance can be pretty high for sheesham wood due to regular coating or polishing.

At the same time, the high content of oil in teak wood gives it the ability to fight fungi, pesticides, termites and moisture. Even without coating, teak wood is a durable material and looks appealing.


As teak wood has a dense texture and high tensile strength, it is heavy. Despite this feature, teak wood is preferred over sheesham when it comes to teak wood king-size beds.

But for products like handicrafts and decor, chairs, and tables, sheesham wood is preferred. So, in the sheesham vs teak debate,sheesham is durable, and teakwood is a better choice for larger furniture.


Durability and strength are the most critical factors that decide which wood to use. Sheesham wood is much lighter than teak wood and suitable for small furniture.

Also, sheesham tends to wrap under humid conditions, which is not a good sign. So, teak wood is a clear winner here.

Accessible to Use 

The artists prefer teak wood when working with their hands on a teak wood dining table.
The designs can be quickly done using teak and look better and more unique than sheesham wood. However, teak wood tends to wear out cutting tools easily and quickly.


 Without considering the cost factor, the sheesham wood vs teak wood debate is incomplete. Teak is more luxurious than sheesham.
And the most important factor to consider is that teakwood is resistant to all pests. If you are not tight on your budget, teak wood should be your first choice.



In the end, we can say there is less difference between sheesham and teak wood. It all depends on your taste, requirements and budget. 

Teak wood has earned the title of ‘king of hardwoods’ and will withstand all harsh conditions. Though whichever wood you choose, the artist will turn it into a work of art with his extraordinary skills. 

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