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As one of the top-rated wholesale hardware shops in Tricity, we have been catering to the customized interior needs of customers. Ashwood is known for its oak-like texture and offers a good finish to your furniture. You can choose from darker shades or opt for the natural light brown color when selecting ashwood for PVC wall paneling in Mohali. The straight and regular grains of the wood can make a great choice for your wall panels landscaping the TV cabinets or consoles.

As one of the most reputable timber suppliers in Tricity, we supply quality ashwood that can be hand-crafted and tailored to fit your custom needs. We offer a variety of collections, colors, and finishes that can vouch for both appeal and durability.

If you are thinking of contemporary furniture, ashwood is a very attractive option for upholstered furniture. It is durable, lightweight, and shock-resistant, making it a sustainable choice for both home and office furniture.

You can count on us as the top wall panels dealers in tricity as we offer ashwood that can be finished in myriad ways, including wax, lacquer, varnish, and oil. While the required care is minimal, we can guide you on how to take care of this spectacular material.

As one of the finest hardware shops in Tricity, we take pride in maintaining our standards and believe in supplying bespoke ashwood material, assuring the best PVC wall panels price in Mohali.



Ash is a hardwood known for its light color and smooth, straight grain. It thrives throughout the East Coast of the United States and parts of Canada. With its typical beige-to-light-brown hue and elegant grain pattern, ash wood is an appealing choice for crafting fine furniture. It boasts exceptional durability, has a rich history in American furniture making, and is prized for its lightweight nature. Ash wood readily accepts wood stains, allowing for a variety of finishes.

Beyond furniture, ash’s lightweight and shock-resistant properties have made it a preferred material for crafting items like baseball bats, tool handles, and restaurant furniture. In contemporary times, ash is gaining popularity in home furnishings, particularly in the context of mid-century modern design.




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