Home, kitchen, gifts and furniture products made from wood are the best ones. However, a variety of woods are available in the market these days. 

But most of the products are made from mango wood, which gives a luxurious, practical look and is also sustainable.

Today, in this article, let’s look over different types of imported wood and talk about the wood available from imported wood at Guru Kripa timber in Mohali.

Different Types of Imported Woods

Here are a few types of Imported Wood available at Guru Kripa Timber, the best-imported wood supplier in Mohali : 

Sudan Teak

Sudan teak is a high-quality wood among teak wood. It originated in Sudan (Africa). 

High durability and beautiful grain make it ideal for yachts and boats. It also gets used in the automobile industry for das boards of Mercedes Benz S series cars.

Meranti Wood

Meranti wood is a hardwood from the tropical Shorea tree species. And reddish brown and comes with white resin streaks. Most meranti wood is used for residential purposes and is the easiest wood to deal with.

It gets commonly used in plywood, furniture and boat building. Meranti is an exotic wood course in texture, and the grain can be interlocked easily.

Kapur Saal 

Kapur Sal is a hardy emergent tree of the tropical forests of Asia. This wood is heavy and wildly gets used for construction purposes. Kapur Sal refers to a grade of plywood, mostly known as MR Grade Plywood.

It is moisture resistant, can handle harsh weather conditions, and gives an impeccable finish to the products.

Malaysia Saal

Malaysia Sal comes from Malaysia and is one of India’s most important sources of hardwood timber. 

It comes with hard, coarse-grained wood that is light in colour when cut fresh but becomes brown when exposed. This wood is suitable for constructing frames for doors and windows.

Imported Hollock

Hollock has known hardwood used for making doors, door frames and window shutters. 

It is one of the best wood you can depend on due to its durability, strongness, and excellent woodworking finish. And can be painted and polished easily.

Golden Champ

The colour and texture of golden champ are similar to the Champ wood found in the north eastern region of India. 

It is widely in demand due to its termite resistance, stability and optimum quality. Golden champ finishes once they get polished, similar to Teak wood.

Arau Champ

Arau champ is produced in Malaysia. The texture, weight and colours of this wood are similar to the Champ wood found in the northeastern region of India. It is ideal for making door frames, chowkhat and interior purposes.


 Pine differs from oak but is an ideal choice for furniture, depending on your purpose. It may not last long as oak, but pine is strong, shock resistant and suitable for furniture if you like rusty or country styles.

Red Saal

Red Saal is imported from Malayasia; a dark reddish or purplish brown commonly comes with white resin streaks. It is a common wood used for door and window frames because of its flexibility and durability.


In the end, we can say that most wood products are handmade and can add value, increasing their perceived value and profitability.

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