If you want to choose the best flooring for your house for long-term usage, along with less installation and maintenance, Action Tesa Laminate Flooring is a perfect choice. Laminate flooring is becoming popular in construction because of its design, durability and less expensive nature. It is well known in Western countries and became famous in other countries.

When you compare other flooring options in the market, you will explore more options and designs according to your preferences in laminate wood flooring. But before diving into the characteristics of action tesa laminated wooden flooring, let’s try to talk a little bit about what is it?

Action Tesa Laminate Flooring: Explained

Action Tesa wooden flooring

Action Tesa, manufacturers of engineered panel products such as MDF/HDMR and particle boards in India, provides durable and eco-friendly HDF laminate flooring.
Action Tesa’s high-performance HDF-based laminate wooden flooring is a versatile product, not only restricted to flooring and wooden panels but also for any hard surface.

These laminate floorings are tested from time to time to certify natural resources. However, they are highly valued for durability as well as strength.

Below are some points discussed that will help you understand why you should choose laminate flooring over traditional flooring.

Features of Action Tesa Laminate Flooring

Let’s try to understand a more detailed explanation of its features.

  • Durable

Laminate is made from the pressing technique using wood particles. And because of this process, it develops high resistance ability and durability features. 

Moreover, laminate supports wear and tear quality with a flexible texture so that the look of the flooring won’t get damaged.

  • Easy Installation

You can effortlessly install the laminate flooring by placing the plans together. 

They come with glue-less installation as well; you need to cut them, arrange the planks as per your requirement, then walk over them for some time.

Or you can place any heavy items like furniture until they get settled.

  • Eco-friendly

 Nowadays, hygiene issues are more of concern. Marbles and tiles are created using a chemical process, which is why many people change them after the installation.
Those people can go for laminate wood flooring made up of wooden particles, a reusable waste of nature.

  • Various Designs with Easy Maintenance

 As laminate flooring has been made using wooden particles and wood waste, you can choose multiple designs per your choice.

However, laminate flooring comes with hassle-free maintenance. You can easily wash these with water and soap; a little scrubbing will give your floor a refined and shiny look.

  • Affordable Price

Though many designs are available to explore in laminate flooring if you check its pricing, the tesa wooden flooring price is highly affordable compared to the traditional flooring.
Hardwood flooring needs to be replaced occasionally, but the laminate flooring comes with the wood fibre look, and the laminate base will provide additional durability and robustness.


In the end, we can conclude that if your kids are playing with their toys or your dog is running with dirty paws, you don’t need to worry about your floor if you choose action tesa laminate flooring. This flooring is a perfect choice for busy families and large households.

And if you are thinking of buying these laminate wooden flooring in Mohali, you can always contact Guru Kripa Timber, wood suppliers, for the same. Their talented and skilful experts will help you find the right action tesa products according to your needs.