Flush doors are an ideal choice for your home. There is no doubt that the first impression is the last, especially regarding house entrances.
Gone are those days when doors were used only for privacy and security purposes. Flush doors have become an essential part of a home’s interior. It gives a delicate look to the entire house.
So, if you are thinking about the best door for your house, you are at the right place. Today, this article will discuss everything you need to know about flush doors.

Let’s Dive In!

What is a Flush Door?

These doors are  smooth door with plywood fixed over a light timber frame. These doors come in different sizes and designs and look stunning. These are one of the most popular doors in the market today.
These doors are designed to have no visible gaps between the panels. This makes the doors sturdy and durable, and easy to clean up any stains.
It will last for decades without any problem once installed correctly. They are made from three materials; the outer material is made of hardboard, the middle layer consists of wood, and the innermost layer contains softwood like pine.

Types of Flush Door

Following are the types of flush doors you can choose for your house :

  1. Laminated : Laminated flush doors are also known as solid core doors, made using woods composed of minerals. These doors consist of different types of particle board, laminate core, cross band and face wood veneers.
    These doors must be wider than 7.5cm and have hardwood trimming. Hardwood is used to make the frame more robust, thus, providing soundproof and durability.
    The price of a solid core or laminate door ranges from Rs.250 per square to Rs.300 per square ft.
  2. Hollow Core : These doors are made of open frames. The hollow part is always filled with honeycomb support. And the door frame is created from stiles, tops, bottoms, and intermediate rails.
    The space between the frame is filled up with a wooden batten.
    Hollow Core Flush Doors are not as strong as Laminated Flush Doors. Plywood is used to make this door, which is light in weight and easy to install.
    Therefore, these doors are not designed for interior use. They are used as exterior doors only.
  3. Cellular Core : Cellular Core Flush doors are made of wood or plywood battens.
    These are not less than 25mm wide and are uniformly distributed. In this type of door, plywood thickness need not exceed 3mm. 


Flush Doors are becoming famous for house projects. Here are some of the advantages of these doors which you must know :

  1. Durability: These are stronger than their counterparts. Many people prefer this product because of its durability.
    Traditional doors cracked after some point due to harsh weather conditions. But flush doors will stand the heat, moisture, and anything in between.
  2. Easy to Clean: Conventional doors are challenging to clean, but flush door is a lot easier. Because these doors use half of the door surface.
    You can effectively clean dust or stains from every part of the doors. Since there are no gaps between panels, you don’t need to worry about the water swooping in.
  3. Low Maintenance and Care: Another great advantage of a these door is, its low maintenance. They can be easily get cleaned, unlike traditional doors. Moreover, these doors are not heavy-weight compared to conventional doors
  4. Simple Installation: Another reason why most people prefer flush doors is that these are easy to install. Though it can be intimidating for a few, manufacturers provide step-to-step installation instructions to set up. After installation product looks well-built and professional.
  5. Great Choice for Any Space: These are versatile and an excellent choice for any space. If you live in a small apartment, you can use flush doors instead of closet doors. And to increase your living space, add a bi-folding sliding door to either side of a small door.


In the end, we can conclude that these type of doors are an ideal choice for homes due to their durability and affordability.
Knowing different types of flush doors allows you to easily pick the right one for your house.

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