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A tower bolt is a type of hardware that is commonly used to secure doors and windows. It consists of a long metal rod, or bolt, that slides into a housing or socket attached to the door or window frame. When the bolt is extended, it protrudes from the socket and prevents the door or window from being opened.

Tower bolts are often used in combination with other types of door or window locks, such as deadbolts or latch bolts, to provide an additional layer of security. They are commonly used on garden gates, sheds, and other outdoor structures as well.

Tower bolts come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles to suit different applications and design preferences. Some tower bolts are operated by a knob or handle, while others are operated by a key. Some models have a sliding mechanism that allows the bolt to be locked in place, while others rely on the tension between the bolt and the socket to hold the door or window closed.

Overall, tower bolts are a simple and effective way to secure doors and windows, and they are widely used in both residential and commercial applications


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