acid wash glass
Acid Wash Glass
Acid Washing, also known as ‘French Embossing’ is a process invented in the Victorian era. It gives a frosted, etched finish in delicate tones of white and diffused shades and is capable of producing very intricate patterns. … It also afforded privacy as it is not easy to see through acid washed glass.
Plain Glass
Plain glass is colorless and transparent. … Plain glass is colorless and transparent. Sheet glass is either drawn or float glass, the type usually used in household windows.
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Looking Glass
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Coloured Glass
Metals such as cobalt, gold, manganese and others cause colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, green and white in stained and colored glass.
acid wash glass
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Dancing Flower Glass
Dancing Flower My Drawings, Dancing, Sketches, Flowers, Art, Art Background, … Gable Rhododendron stained glass window by Robert Oddy Stained Glass