In the construction and architectural industries, new materials, technologies, and brands emerge regularly, offering innovative solutions for building, design, and sustainability challenges. If “COMO panels” refers to a new or specialized product, it could be something along the lines of a novel construction panel, a decorative material, or a technology-enhanced building solution introduced by a specific company or research institution.

Guidelines for Application and Installation

Adhesive Usage
Ensure an even and generous application of adhesive to the product. Should any excess adhesive be present, promptly remove it using a soft, damp cloth, followed by drying with a clean, soft cloth to prevent the adhesive from reaching the front of the product.

When attaching the decorative panel, take special care to prevent damage to the sheet’s face. The panel should only be applied after all polishing and finishing work is complete. Use paper tape to secure the sheet in place accurately and firmly.

Cutting & Trimming
To prevent damage, avoid using a hand saw. Ensure the sheet’s surface is facing upwards during cutting to minimize chipping. For trimming, use a cutting machine (minimum circular saw speed of 6000rpm).

Cleaning and Maintenance
Gently wipe the area with a soft cloth for cleaning.

Nailing & Drilling
When securing panels, refrain from nailing. If nailing is absolutely necessary, do so cautiously to avoid damage to the design and ensure it is done in the appropriate areas.

Sealing Joints
Should there be gaps at the joints, fill them with a fillet of a matching color. Remove any excess filler immediately, taking care not to scratch the surface in the process.