IDF Panel

In the realm of decorative panels, the market is predominantly filled with options primarily intended for wall applications. However, it is redefining this landscape by offering panels that are not only designed for walls but are also crafted with the versatility to enhance furniture, supporting holistic concept design in interior spaces.

The industry standard has leaned towards panels that are either painted, lacquered, or made from plastic materials. In contrast, it has pioneered the use of smart, eco-friendly materials in the creation of its panels. These are meticulously processed through multiple stages to align with the specific design and conceptual vision of each panel, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Moreover, these panels boast a thickness of 4mm, on par with high-quality veneers, allowing for seamless integration with various materials in interior design projects. This compatibility enables interior decorators to effortlessly combine these panels with veneers, or even play with laminates of 1mm thickness by adding a 3mm MDF layer underneath, offering unparalleled flexibility and creativity in design.

Innovative approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of spaces but also champions environmental sustainability, offering a sophisticated and responsible choice for modern interior design needs.